Sunday, December 7, 2008

CounterPart Painters

In the broad spectrum of visual arts, to me painting will always be the rawest shit. Paint applied to a surface - that has to be one of the most unadulterated forms of expression. From my own knuckleheaded perspective, painting is like making beats using strictly flea market records and an SP-12. I've been blessed to know (and be related to) some super talented painters, and I'd like to share some of their work with y'all. So here you go, the work of Mark Canto, Derek Chan, and my beloved brother Patrick Strand - some of the rawest painters out there.

Mark Canto (aka Roots):

Mark's work is currently on display at Beatrock in Long Beach. Go check out the new store and pick up a Roots piece before you can't afford one!

Derek Chan:

The homie Derek stays in Chicago now, but I know his heart is still in the 'Sco! We all miss you D!

Patrick Strand:

Check out his website:


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