Thursday, April 23, 2009


come thru kick it and get yr groove on to good sounds and good vibes..

a little preview of the video projection of artwork by MARK CANTO

more art from LORALEI BINGAMON too!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

...A Peaceful Riot... CD + T-Shirt + BBQ PLATE COMBO!!!

Get your pre-sale combo pack while supplies last!

CD: Beatrock Presents: FATGUMS X BAMBU ...A Peaceful Riot...
T-Shirt: Limited Edition Beatrock ...A Peaceful Riot... T-shirts (only 50 made!)
BBQ Plate: Deliciousness from The Park's Finest BBQ (Johneric Concordia)

ALL FOR $30!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

...A Peaceful Riot... CD Release Party

Date: Saturday, April 25, 2009
Time: 5:00pm - 11:00pm
Location: Beatrock Flagship Store and Gallery - 4158 Norse Way - Long Beach, CA

Please come out to Beatrock for a day of good food, art, music, and friends. This special event will also be the opening reception for the "Because Your Mama Said So" Group ArtShow AND the WORLD PREMIER of The Park's Finest's BBQ rig!

Live Performances by:


The CounterParts Crew

Otayo Dubb

Power Struggle
The Aesthetics Crew
The Committee
DJ Tanner of Battlestar

Mass Movement Crew

DJ Phatrick

Gallery Artists:

179, Aidger 34, Alfie Numeric, Anthony Montemar, Antonio Pelayo, Beatrock, Chris Santos, CODAK, COMAH, Fabius, FOOD ONE, Ganyan, HEX ONE, James Malone, JayskiOne, Jerrell Conner, KEMST, Khary Finch, Larsen Garma, The Lone Vagina, Manila Ryce, Mark Canto, MECA ISA, Mike Virata, Nic Cowan, Nick Wildermuth, Nocty, Pancho Abalos, Ryan Spence, Sadie Barnett, SANO, SHERM, SICKdotONE, Simbulan, Son Cleva, Stuter, Thomas Messenger, Timoi, WOMACK, and many more to be added!

The Park's Finest (Johneric Concordia) BBQ:

BBQ plates will be for sale, along with CD's, T-Shirts, and Artwork!

Discount presale BBQ/CD/T-shirt combo packs will be available online at

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

OHHSSH!!! article by Freesia Robins - Guardsman, 2000

Look at Ray! OHHSSH!!!
It's almost the 10-year anniversary of this mug! We getting OLD!!!

If anyone wants to download a 10-year-old mixtape from two old-ass DJ's (Fatgums and Gammaray), here you go:


Thursday, April 9, 2009

PLAYLIST DOWNLOAD: Fatgums' Early Bay Influences - Part I

Click Gammaray's record collection (circa 1995) to download:Photobucket


  1. Allah and JT - Get Low Playaz: Straight Out The Labb
  2. On The Inside - 11/5: Fiendin' 4 Tha Funk
  3. Stressed Out - Young Cellski and UNLV: Mr Predictor
  4. Games People Play - 51.50: Illegally Insane
  5. Locked Up - Seff Tha Gaffla: Livin' Kinda Lavish
  6. Young G's Perspective - San Quinn ft. Mac Mall: Live N Direct
  7. Got 2 Survive - Young Lay: Black and Dangerous
  8. Dusted 'n' Disgusted - E-40: In a Major Way
  9. Scottie 15 - Andre Nickatina: 17 Reasons
  10. How Low Can You Go - San Quinn/GLP: Live N Direct
  11. My Opinion - Mac Mall: Illegal Business
  12. Choppaz - Seff Tha Gaffla: Livin' Kinda Lavish
  13. Bounce To This - RBL Posse: Ruthless By Law
  14. Ghetto Blues - 51.50: Crazy Has Struck Again
  15. A Dose of Dope - D-Moe: Do You Feel Me?
  16. Sellin' Cocaine As Usual - Young D Boyz: Sellin Cocaine As Usual
  17. Ghetto Theme - Mac Mall: Illegal Business