Sunday, January 18, 2009

Novelists "Treats" on UCLA Radio's Best Unsigned Music of 2008 Compilation

"The Best Unsigned Music of 2008"

A Compilation by DJ Octoon and UCLA Radio

Track Listing:

1. Adrianne - Mouthbook
2. Landlocked - Dakotafish
3. September - Mod Amish
4. Treats - Novelists
5. Oh Brother - Neal Harris
6. The Captain and the Sea - Automatic Drawing
7. Come on Home - Ka-Chi
8. Cicadas (Sing and Wake the Dead) - The Karabal Nightlife
9. Follow Me Home - Breanna Paletta
10. Motel - City Museum
11. Amory - Monroe Johnson
12. Tuesday - Fair Trade
13. We; Camera - Shenandoah Davis

"If you would like a copy of the compilation, please tune in to "I'm in a Band," Sunday nights at 8pm (Pacific) on and we'll tell ya how to get one." - DJ Octoon

Novelists all day baby!!!


"Seven Months" - by Bambu (produced by Fatgums) - NEW MUSIC VIDEO!!!

"Seven Months" by Bambu (produced by yours truly) has a video! Check it out:

"Seven Months" is from the album ...Exact Change... by the homie Bambu. The album is available on iTunes and at Although it may seem biased, I truly believe ...Exact Change... is the best Hip Hop album of 2008 (Below The Heavens is up there, but I gotta give the #1 spot to Bam!).

So go get ...Exact Change... y'all!

Also, look out for Beatrock's Fatgums and Bambu EP coming out this Spring!


Saturday, January 17, 2009

FUNK FUZZ this Thursday 1/22/09 in Long Beach!

Come and party to the vibe of the FUNK FUZZ - the first MASS MOVEMENT party of 2009.

Special MASS MOVEMENT DJ sets by: Un/D/Fine, Krissfader, and ET spinning boogie funk, hip-hop, reggae, soul, and electro all night long.

Que Sera
1923 E. 7th Street
Long Beach, CA 90813

Doors open 9pm
21+, $5 all night

for more info:


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ali Wong Feature In The San Francisco Chronicle

I've been wanting to post something about the homegirl Ali for a minute, but it's been hard to find words for this phenomenal woman, phenomenally. So, I was ecstatic to find an article in the San Francisco Chronicle in her own words. Ali, if you are reading this, I want to let you know that we're all hella of proud of you! Keep doing your thing and knock 'em dead when you move to the Big Apple!

11 Things: Ali Wong
Sarah Han
Thursday, January 15, 2009

You may not want to take your easily offended grandma to see San Francisco comedian Ali Wong, but those who are tickled by wickedly raunchy gross-out humor will get major laughs at her stand-up shows. This week, Wong headlines the Naked Comedy Showcase at the Clubhouse, and we asked her to share 11 Things that make her laugh.

1. Ed Hardy clothes
Mr. Hardy is the official sponsor of people-you-should-never-date. Who cares if his clothing looks just like tattoos? You know what else look like tattoos? TATTOOS.

2. People who cry on their cell phones in public
Why can't some women just wait until they get home to tell their husbands that they've cheated on them? They just love saving the confrontation for Gap Kids.

3. The white alligator at the California Academy of Sciences
At first, I thought it was a huge piece of raw chicken. There's no warning to prepare you for the fact that you're about to see the "Powder" of alligators.

4. Baker Beach
There's nothing like seeing a family unknowingly stroll into the nude section of Baker Beach. All of the men there look like cartoon characters from the Far Side and some like to wear fanny packs. I've seen others just do head stands.

5. Manorexia
Men aren't very experienced at anorexia because most of them don't get fat until they're 26 years old. Switching to Bud Light isn't going to change much, so they get frustrated, angry and constantly look at their inflating bellies in the mirror. Welcome to our world.

6. Gift baskets
Nobody in my family wants a can of salmon, a jar of random jam, cheddar cheese and wine. We call that fart fuel. I'd prefer a bag of shrimp candy and coupons.

7. Names for wireless networks
My favorites: "IloveDavid," "2PacisAlive," "Crazin."

8. Dolores Park
On a sunny day, it's a hipster factory. You would think that Vice magazine threw up there. And every day, it's a field of dog poop.

9. Self-evaluations
Nobody would ever write a negative review of themselves. Only an idiot would tell their employer that they spend 80 percent of their workday stealing office supplies and stalking ex-boyfriends on Facebook.

10. Facebook breakups
This occurs when one person in the couple can't wait to put the Bat signal out that they're now available and potentially desperate for a hot rebound.

11. The 38-Geary
What I also like to call the Trans-Siberian railroad express to Lenin's tomb.

This article appeared on page G - 3 of the San Francisco Chronicle:

Here are a couple of my favorite Ali clips:

What Charles Ses, Episode 1 from Ali Wong on Vimeo.

Disneyland from Ali Wong on Vimeo.




Tuesday, January 13, 2009

FREE DOWNLOAD: New Bambu Track from "A Song For Ourselves" Mixtape

The homie Tadashi Nakamura is at it again with the release of his third documentary, A Song For Ourselves. The film documents the life of musician/song writer Chris Iijima, whose music provided the soundtrack for the Asian American movement of the sixties.

Tad got DJ Phatrick to put together a mixtape featuring the Chris Iijimas of our generation - Asian American musicians who are creating the score of our lives and struggles. The mixtape will include music by Blue Scholars, Bambu, Kiwi, and Senz of Depth, and will feature unreleased tracks that sample Chris Iijima's original recordings. Tad asked me to flip a Chris Iijima track, so hopefully I'll have a spot on there too.

The downloadable track below is called "When Will The Time Come." It samples the song "Jonathan Jackson" by A Grain of Sand (Chris Iijima's band). Bambu is on the vocals and Will Bracey is on the beat.

DOWNLOAD "When Will The Time Come" HERE:

For more info on A Song For Ourselves, visit

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tea-Knoes Song of the Week! 1/10/08

In memory of Oscar Grant and the thousands of others who have been threatened, assaulted(myself included...i haven't forget about you or your actions Officer Richards of the SCPD!!!), or even murdered at the hands of the Police, I present to y'all J-Dilla's classic, "Fuck the Police" as the song the week!

'nuff said!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fuck The Police.

A bystander's full video and recounting of events:

A less obstructed vantage point:

R.I.P. Oscar Grant


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Very Significant Day in My Life

A couple of hours ago I finished putting the final touches on the Fatgums and Bambu EP. I can't express how great a year this has been for me. I've been blessed to be able work with some of the most talented folks out there. My CounterParts and Novelists, Niko and Bam, Nomi and Kiwi, DJ Tanner and ET, Crystal and Pat, and most of all Gammaray and Vern - with all of you it has been a great creative journey. Tomorrow, however, my focus must change. I don't know why I'm writing this on the blog. Maybe I need to see it in writing in order to fully commit. 2009 is all med school from here on out...


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tee Noe's Song of the Week 1/3/08

2009's first selection goes out O.C's own, Emanon, featuring MC/Singer/Producer Aloe Blacc and DJ/Producer Exile. This song in particular, Make Music, is a personal favorite of mine from the 2004 album, The Waiting Room. Basically, over Exile's infectious quirky production, Aloe Blacc seamlessly weaves/describes the various types of music he "makes". Sounds simple enough, verdad? Chk out the track here:

download the ENTIRE album here:


Friday, January 2, 2009

ALBUM LEAK!! - Niko Pag-Asa's "Mr. President"


This track was recently leaked by Niko Pag-Asa, a new MC who we heard on The Novelists "Bookends" album and ReVision's "Forward Progress" mixtape, two inspiring releases that came out in 2008.

"Mr. President," produced by Gammaray and engineered by Fatgums:

Niko will be dropping his first album later this year, featuring production by Fatgums, Gammaray, and ET. Look out for it y'all!