Tuesday, May 26, 2009



Shouts out to the graduating CLASS OF 2009!
Come celebrate at the freshest party in the LBC!

Come early to hear ReVISION's 1ST EVER LIVE DJ SET and get in FREE!!!
You don't wanna miss this...

plus KRISSFADER, ET, and ROOTS spinning that new Long Beach sound..

Que Sera
1923 E 7th St, LBC
$5 after

Friday, May 22, 2009

SF WEEKLY - Best of 2009 - ALI WONG

Check it out:


"Comedians are often ambitious egotists with poor boundaries who aren't hiding how intelligent they are. Ali Wong is all of that, plus she has the things that really matter: wit, timing, experience, and a unique hairdo. We're so proud of her! She delighted and embarrassed fellow comedian Bobby Lee when she interviewed him for Hyphen magazine a while back, saying she forgave her sister's dog for sniffing her crotch while she had her period: "I know he means well. He just wants beef, that's his world." Eeew! Love it. Wong's clarity of vision isn't limited to her menses; she also hilariously goes after racists, poets, her sexual partners, and American Apparel. All this has landed her on Jamie Foxx' Laffapalooza! and made her a busy and popular local comedian. " - SF WEEKLY

Watch out NY, pretty soon it'll be: ALI WONG = NY TIMES BEST COMEDIAN OF 2010
Congratulations Ali Wong.com!

And for everyone out in New York, go check Ali out June 22nd at the Gotham Comedy Club:


LOUDVINE - The CounterParts Video Interview

check it out:

The Counterparts Interview

A while back I met these guys via myspace. It took a while, but we got it done. Loudvine finally got the opportunity to sit down with The Counterparts- a collobo of mcs and producers. The Counterparts are so much more then a bunch of guys with microphones and fancy beats. The Counterparts act as a collective leaving their stamp on the musical landscape.

The Counterparts are five buddies that are making and sharing the music the only way they know how; staying true to the very core. It was a real treat to sit down with these guys. Sit back and get to know The Counterparts


MASS MOVEMENT TV - Fatgums X Bambu Release Party Video

Another dope MASS MOVEMENT TV installment from Tadashi Nakamura and Eric Tandoc:

"A Peaceful Riot" Release Party at Beatrock from Tadashi Nakamura on Vimeo.

Peace to Bambu, Beatrock, Alfie Numeric, The Park's Finest, Mass Movement - THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR SUCH A GREAT EVENT!!! Let's do it again for Power Struggle!

THANKS TAD (aka Mr. 30/30)!!!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Novelists get some love at LOUDVINE.COM

Check it out:

Novelists: Bookends (produced by Fatgums and Gammaray) is available on iTunes, Amazon.com, undergroundhiphop.com, accesshiphop.com, etc.