Friday, May 22, 2009

SF WEEKLY - Best of 2009 - ALI WONG

Check it out:

"Comedians are often ambitious egotists with poor boundaries who aren't hiding how intelligent they are. Ali Wong is all of that, plus she has the things that really matter: wit, timing, experience, and a unique hairdo. We're so proud of her! She delighted and embarrassed fellow comedian Bobby Lee when she interviewed him for Hyphen magazine a while back, saying she forgave her sister's dog for sniffing her crotch while she had her period: "I know he means well. He just wants beef, that's his world." Eeew! Love it. Wong's clarity of vision isn't limited to her menses; she also hilariously goes after racists, poets, her sexual partners, and American Apparel. All this has landed her on Jamie Foxx' Laffapalooza! and made her a busy and popular local comedian. " - SF WEEKLY

Watch out NY, pretty soon it'll be: ALI WONG = NY TIMES BEST COMEDIAN OF 2010
Congratulations Ali!

And for everyone out in New York, go check Ali out June 22nd at the Gotham Comedy Club:


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