Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fatgums' Favorites - Part 1


Nike Air Raid II "Peace" colorway. Please, PLEASE retro the black ones of these Mr. Nike!


BraelanB On Some Real-Life WIZARD SHIT!

Damn B, I didn't see you do that at the show!? When did you get a house Elf?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Friday, November 28, 2008

DJ ET - The Best Party DJ EVER!

Here's a quick snippet mix:

For booking, please contact DJ ET:


Thursday, November 27, 2008

CounterParts: 2008 Flag Football Champions

I got the game ball.


Novelists in the Netherlands!

More Novelists news..
I found a Dutch blog spot where they seem to be taking a liking to "Bookends".. heres some quotes that I translated with google translator:

"Oldskool wonderful atmosphere on this album. But also occasionally as a delicious Jazzy Treats on beat with live instruments. The Raps are excellent care and the album is a beautiful whole."

"Hmmzz, then I go this soon but try!"

"Indeed, this sounds fun."

"Find the MC at times against what traps. Is not to say that this does not listen to more falls. It all has something refreshing. And, unlike the majority of the HipHop that suits today. I think this is the next time I agree more often go to listen to. Maybe it grows into something fun ..."

"I came back to veels little hip-hop albums from 2008've heard, so there was some change.
This is very nice. Indeed, a free oldskool sound, a fine rapper and not so full production. It all sounds Friday and spontaneously generated. Very promising act!"

Heres the link with it already translated:


The "O" in Obama

I have to give props to my big brother Sol Sender for helping to make Mr. Obama president a reality.  Read about the infamous logo he and his team created in an article from the New York Times:

happy turkey day!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Like Us" by Bambu

This is another great video put together by the homie Tad Nakamura. I see my brother ET put in some work on it too!

CZA comes hard on the beat, Queen Herstory blesses the intro, and damn, don't those vocals sound clean?! - at least cleaner than the closet they were recorded in... hmm... but maybe not as clean as the Jordans above the mic!

Go get Exact Change y'all!

Look out for the Fatgums and Bambu EP, which will be coming out soon. Well, at least hopefully soon. Actually, probably not for a minute, unless we knock it out this winter break! Here's a sneak peek:

"Gunslinger" - by Fatgums and Bambu



Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Livin' Right" by Bored Stiff - feat. CounterPart Otayo Dubb

Bored Stiff's new album The Sad Truth was released TODAY. What I've heard so far sounds dope. Support Independent Hip Hop! Pick it up over at or at your local record shop.


Posse Cut

Listen to the first track we were all on together - before we formed the crew!

This is from Bookends by the Novelists (Ajax and Randruff). Bookends was the first Fatgums and Gammaray-produced full-length album. The track also features Buddha, Gavin, Niko Pag-Asa, Bambu, and Nicodemus.

Listen to more of the Novelists:


Monday, November 24, 2008

Fatgums' Med-School Factoid of the Week

Jamie Lee Curtis has testicles inside of her abdomen. She is genetically a man but her testosterone receptors don't work. This made it impossible for her to develop male secondary sex characteristics. During puberty, the high levels of unused testosterone in her body got converted to estrogen, causing her to develop her "bangin'" body. Sorry to all of those who crushed on her back in the day.

Keelay & Zaire "The Times" ft. Blu and Fortilive

Thought I'd share this with y'all. This is my dude Keelay who did the "All I Need" and "Bang Ya Head" tracks on my upcoming album, "A Wolf In Sheep's Music." They got their vid on check it out!!

-Otayo Dubb

The CounterParts Crew Live at The Knitting Factory 11/15/08

Thank you to everyone who came out! The show was a huge success.

Even "Old Man Strand" was bobbing his head!