Thursday, November 27, 2008

Novelists in the Netherlands!

More Novelists news..
I found a Dutch blog spot where they seem to be taking a liking to "Bookends".. heres some quotes that I translated with google translator:

"Oldskool wonderful atmosphere on this album. But also occasionally as a delicious Jazzy Treats on beat with live instruments. The Raps are excellent care and the album is a beautiful whole."

"Hmmzz, then I go this soon but try!"

"Indeed, this sounds fun."

"Find the MC at times against what traps. Is not to say that this does not listen to more falls. It all has something refreshing. And, unlike the majority of the HipHop that suits today. I think this is the next time I agree more often go to listen to. Maybe it grows into something fun ..."

"I came back to veels little hip-hop albums from 2008've heard, so there was some change.
This is very nice. Indeed, a free oldskool sound, a fine rapper and not so full production. It all sounds Friday and spontaneously generated. Very promising act!"

Heres the link with it already translated:


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