Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Gumstrumentals Volume I - 9/7/2010

1) Box Beat Intro (Unreleased)
2) Air Out My Lungs Inst. (Power Struggle)
3) What We Do Inst. (The CounterParts)
4) Words From JOMA Inst. (FATGUMS X BAMBU)
5) Wash It Away Inst. (Power Struggle)
6) The Queen Is Dead Inst. (Bambu)
7) Good Clothes Inst. (FATGUMS X BAMBU)
8) New LB Sound Inst. (Niko Pag-Asa)
9) Childhood Inst. (The Committee)
10) Novel Scratching Inst. (Novelists)
11) The Rundown Inst. (Rocky Rivera)
12) Breaking Point Inst. (The CounterParts)
13) Re: Act Inst. (The CounterParts)
14) Strapped Inst. (FATGUMS X BAMBU)
15) Kill The Vultures Inst. (Power Struggle)
16) Until Inst. (The CounterParts)
17) Seven Months Inst. (Bambu)
18) Blood Of My Heart Inst. (Power Struggle)
19) Never There Inst. (Novelists)
20) Pilgrimage Song Inst. (Bambu)
21) Gunslinger II Inst. (FATGUMS X BAMBU)
22) Iron Bam Inst. (Bambu)
23) Lyricist Saga Beat (Unreleased)
24) Exact Change (Original) Inst. (Bambu)
25) The Queen Is Dead (CA Remix) Inst. (Bambu)